LASA2023 América Latina y el Caribe: Pensar, Representar y Luchar por los Derechos

Media Guidelines

Journalists and members of the press wishing to cover LASA2023 Congress América Latina y el Caribe: Pensar, Representar y Luchar por los Derechos can register for free by completing the Media Form and showing their press credentials at the LASA registration area located at the Vancouver Convention Center.

The press must comply with the following directives:

  • No photos/videos/digital images are allowed of the hotels or the Vancouver Convention Center associates/workers, or other location workers where LASA2023 will be held.
  • No photos/videos/digital images are allowed of hotels names, logos or meeting room names.
  • No photos/videos/digital images are allowed of the hotels public space. Photos/videos/digital images inside of LASA’s contracted meeting space are allowed, as long as there are no photos/videos/digital images of the hotels name, logo, or meeting room names.
  • Media must not block pathways in any of the ballrooms or meeting room entrances/exits with camera equipment or any other equipment due to fire and emergency codes. 
  • Media must be registered and wear the LASA Congress badge at all times. Any journalist or media member not wearing the badge will be directed to the LASA registration area. If any member of the media tries to bypass this request, the entire press crew will be asked to leave the LASA2023 Congress.

When attending sessions:

  • The media must be silent while participants are presenting. Only after all the participants have presented and the participants have opened the floor for questions, can the media ask questions. Under no circumstances can the presenters be interrupted.
  • If the session has a designated seating area for the media, all members of the media must be located in this area.