LASA2023 América Latina y el Caribe: Pensar, Representar y Luchar por los Derechos

Hybrid: On-Site & Virtual

The LASA2023 Congress will be a hybrid event: on-site in Vancouver, Canada, and virtual. The hybrid component will allow people to attend and participate in person or remotely via the Internet. 

On-site and virtual participants and attendees will have access to all sessions such as panels, workshops, and roundtables, as well as pre-conferences, the Book Exhibit, the Film Festival, and more. 


On-site participants and attendees will be able to access any academic session at the main Congress venue, the West building of the Vancouver Convention Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. 

Main Venue

Canadian Visa Application

Visa processing times may take up to six months for some countries. Hence, it is important that you initiate your Canadian visa application, if you need one, as early as possible.

In order to facilitate this process, LASA enabled the possibility of downloading customized letters to support the Canadian visa application since October 2022. 



Virtual participants and attendees will be able to access any academic session happening live at the main Congress venue, through the LASA2023 Hub, a website specially designed for the LASA2023 Congress. 

The LASA2023 Hub, which will be available in Spanish and English, will have direct links to download the LASA2023 mobile app, download the web version of the Program and request technical help from a LASA specialist.

Currently, the LASA2023 Hub is under construction. Once it is ready to be launched, the link to the site will be shown here and sent to all LASA members. 

Time Zone Converter 

Avoid missing a session due to time zone confusion. Please note that as a virtual participant or attendee, you will have online access to sessions happening live in Vancouver, Canada. Therefore, the hour of the sessions might not be the same in your current location.

Please use the time zone converter inside the LASA2023 Hub when planning the sessions you would like to attend, and more importantly, the sessions where you are participating as a presenter, chair, discussant, or organizer.