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Types of Sessions

What are the types of sessions in the Congress?

The types of sessions are: panels, workshops, and roundtables

What exactly do I need to do to organize a panel before the deadline?

A panel must have at least three paper presenters, a chair, and an organizer.  The role of discussant is optional, but must also be submitted at the time of the proposal if desired. Individuals interested in organizing a panel can do so by contacting colleagues in their area of interest.

The deadline to submit proposals is September 15, 2023, 17:00 hours EDT.


What information do I need to provide with my session proposal?

In order to present a session proposal, the title of the session and a general abstract for the session must be submitted. In panels, the title of each paper presentation including an individual abstract for every paper within the panel should be submitted. Complete contact information for each participant in a session is also required.

How do I know if I should submit a panel, a workshop, or a roundtable?

You should propose a panel if the participants will be presenting papers.

On the other hand, workshops and roundtables are organized as a way to exchange information among several individuals. If the participants are not going to present papers, then a workshop or roundtable is the appropriate type of session.

 To read more about each session click the following link:


Does LASA have a preference for either a panel, a workshop, or a roundtable?

LASA does not have a preference. The difference between them is that workshops and roundtables do not include presentations of papers but instead provide an opportunity for the exchange of information or to address a theme, whereas panels are meant to include formal presentations of papers.

More information on the selection process can be found in the following link.

Selection of PROPOSALS

If more than one person is presenting the same paper, do they need to be listed as separate presenters or as co-authors?

They do not need to be listed as separate presenters, only as co-authors

I would like to add someone to my panel who recently submitted an individual proposal, what steps should we take? Is it enough if we simply add a note to the effect that you should disregard his earlier submission, and that he will participate on our panel instead?

Please include the new participant in your panel proposal submission and ask him/her to send us an email to indicating that we should disregard his/her earlier individual submission. Alternatively, he/she can go back into the system and delete his/her proposal.