LASA2023 registration is open for attendees. The deadline for participants to register was March 10, 2023.
LASA2022 Polarización socioambiental y rivalidad entre grandes potencias

General Information

When and where will the Congress be held?

The XL International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association will be a virtual event, May 5–8, 2022. Initially, the Congress was going to be a hybrid event with the in-person format held in the San Francisco, California in the USA. However, the LASA Executive Council has made the difficult decision to eliminate the in-person element of the LASA2022 Congress because of the continued expansion of COVID-19 and the lack of a solution in the short term. 

What is the time zone of the LASA2022 Virtual Congress?

All sessions and events of the Congress will be conducted in accordance with the Pacific Time Zone of the United States (San Francisco Time).

Does LASA2022 have a theme?

Yes, the theme is "Polarización socioambiental y rivalidad entre grandes potencias".

About LASA2022

What are the official languages of the Congress?

English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese are the official languages of LASA and its congresses.

What are the program tracks of the Congress?

The program tracks are the thematic areas in which the sessions of each Congress are grouped. You must select a program track to submit your proposal. 


I am interested in participating in the Congress. What participation options do I have?

Individuals can participate in the Congress with the following roles: paper presenter, presenter without paper, chair, discussant, and organizer. You are also welcome to just attend the Congress.

How many roles per person are allowed in the Congress?

A participant is limited to four active roles and one paper presentation per Congress.

The role of organizer does not count towards this limit of four roles. Therefore, one person can organize as many sessions as they would like. Organizers do not have to present papers in the sessions they organize.  They may also participate in another session as a chair, discussant, paper presenter, or presenter without paper.