LASA2021 Crisis global, desigualdades y centralidad de la vida

Registration Categories

Progressive model

Registration category based on your LASA membership type and your country of residence. 

Regular registration 

Most common type of registration category for current LASA members. 

Independent or non-affiliated scholar registration 

Registration category for LASA members who are independent or non-affiliated scholars.

Retired academic registration

Registration category for LASA members who are retired academics from a university or research institution.

Student registration 

Registration category for current LASA members who are students enrolled full time in an accredited institution of higher learning.

Lifetime registration

Registration category for members that pledge support to LASA and receive lifetime membership.

Non-member registration

Registration category for those who are not current LASA members.

Non-member student registration 

Registration category for students who are not current LASA members.

New to LASA registration

Registration category for those who will attend a LASA Congress for the first time, with no role in LASA2021 and no previous affiliation with LASA.

Solidarity fee

Registration category for those who wish to contribute to LASA.

Pay what you can

Registration category for those who are not able to pay the rate in the progressive model.

Registration Refund Policy: NO REFUNDS

Many more people would like to serve on panels than the Program Committee can accommodate. After discovering that participants agree to deliver a paper or act as discussants/chairs only to withdraw at the last moment, leaving panel spaces empty that others would have gladly filled, LASA has enacted a no-refund policy to encourage accepted panelists to fulfill their obligations to attend the meeting.

As a result, LASA does not refund conference preregistration payment if a registrant is unable to attend the Congress. Please finalize your plans to attend the Congress before preregistering.