LASA2024 Reacción y resistencia: Imaginar futuros posibles en las Américas

University of California Press


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Nicaragua Must Survive
Sandinista Revolutionary Diplomacy in the Global Cold War
Authors: Eline van Ommen
Book Webpage: Click here

Exit Wounds
How America's Guns Fuel Violence across the Border
Authors: Ieva Jusionyte
Book Webpage: Click here

The Low-Carbon Contradiction
Energy Transition, Geopolitics, and the Infrastructural State in Cuba
Authors: Gustav Cederlof
Book Webpage: Click here

Rooting in a Useless Land
Ancient Farmers, Celebrity Chefs, and Environmental Justice in Yucatan
Authors: Chelsea Fisher
Book Webpage: Click here

Go with God
Political Exhaustion and Evangelical Possibility in Suburban Brazil
Authors: Laurie Denyer Willis
Book Webpage: Click here

Textures of Terror
The Murder of Claudina Isabel Velasquez and Her Father's Quest for Justice
Authors: Victoria Sanford
Book Webpage: Click here

Offshore Attachments
Oil and Intimacy in the Caribbean
Authors: Chelsea Schields
Book Webpage: Click here

Forests of Refuge
Decolonizing Environmental Governance in the Amazonian Guiana Shield
Authors: Yolanda Ariadne Collins
Book Webpage: Click here

Refined Material
Petroculture and Modernity in Venezuela
Authors: Sean Nesselrode Moncada
Book Webpage: Click here

The Political Body
Stories on Art, Feminism, and Emancipation in Latin America
Authors: Andrea Giunta (Author), Jane Brodie (Translator)
Book Webpage: Click here

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