LASA Service Path

Through the LASA Service Path, any current member may aspire to leadership positions with the knowledge and experience required to meet the demands of each position. It is a learning route for future Association's decision-makers to successfully engage with our growing and diverse membership. The LASA Service Path involves three levels of commitment and recognition:

Level 1

  • Vice President / President-Elect

Nomination to this position requires a history of commitment to the Association, as indicated by service in any of the following positions at any time in the past:

Level 2

  • EC Member
  • Program Chair
  • Section Chair
  • LARR Editors
  • LARC Editors

Nomination or appointment to these positions normally requires proven commitment to the Association1 as indicated by any experience as:

Level 3

  • Member of a LASA award committee, other LASA committees, or task forces
  • Track Chair
  • Section leadership (Secretary-Treasurer, Council Member)
  • Participation in the past 4 Congresses  
  • Life Member
  • LARR Associate Editors
  • LARC Editorial Board 

1 Exception for student members of the EC.