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Hristov, Jasmin; Sprague, Jeb; Tauss, Aaron

Book Launch 
March 16, 2022
Paramilitary Groups and the State under Globalization: Political Violence, Elites, and Security

Savino, Lucas

Decolonizing Patagonia: Mapuche Peoples and State Formation in Argentina

Lexington Books

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Kirk, John; Brenner, Phil; LeoGrande, William

Virtual Symposium: The Road Ahead: Cuba After the July 11 Protests.
Organized by John Kirk, Phil Brenner, and William M. LeoGrande, and hosted by American University’s Center for Latin American and Latino Studies (CLALS).

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Kurlat, Silvia; López-Pellisa, Teresa

Historia de la ciencia ficción latinoamericana I
Desde los orígenes hasta la modernidad

Iberoamericana Vervuert

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Otero, Gerardo

LASA’s President, Gerardo Otero, awarded with Canada’s highest academic honour

SFU News

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Pedrosa, Fernando

Revisiting the Falklands-Malvinas Question. Transnational and Interdisciplinary (2021 - Institute for Latin American Studies at the University of London)

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Pereyra Doval, Gisela; Souroujon, Gastón

Global Resurgence of the Right. Conceptual and Regional Perspectives


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Veltmeyer, Henry

The Essential Guide to Critical Development Studies


Ward, Thomas

Coloniality and the Rise of Liberation Thinking during the Sixteenth Century. Leeds/Amsterdam: Arc Humanities Press/Amsterdam University Press, 2021

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Miller, Toby

The Persistence of Violence: Colombian Popular Culture

Rutgers University Press

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Schneider, Nina

Local, National and Global Perspectives

Berghahn Books May 2019

Ward, Thomas

González de Fanning, Teresa. Roque Moreno: Novela histórica. Ed. Thomas Ward. Doral, FL: Stockcero, 2019. Introduction. i-cii. 1-69 (176 pp. total).

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Alcalde, M. Cristina

Peruvian Lives Across Borders: Power, Exclusion, and Home
University of Illinois Press

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Drinot, Paulo

La Patria Nueva: Economía, sociedad y cultura en el Perú, 1919-1930
Editorial A Contracorriente (January 1, 2018)

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Garmany, Joseph

Understanding Contemporary Brazil (Routledge), co-authored with Anthony Pereira

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