LASA2024 Reacción y resistencia: Imaginar futuros posibles en las Américas

Latin American Cultural Center

Welcome to the LACC virtual booth

The Latin American Cultural Center (LACC) is an outreach initiative of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA).

LACC features a small but highly informative museum display, as well as live programming in an intimate performance venue that highlights the diverse cultures, music, film, and current-day issues of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The vitality and vibrancy of Latin America is a great contributor to the richness of our world. LACC will be a cultural hub that will collaborate with local, regional, national, and international organizations to present that vitality and vibrancy in ways that are accessible to the wider community.

The mission of the Latin American Cultural Center is to celebrate Latin America through compelling programs dedicated to fostering a heightened understanding and appreciation for Latin American arts, history, and culture.


Mexican Masks

Masks are worn by peoples around the world for a variety of purposes – to allow the wearer to hide their identity or to assume a new identity for protection against diseases or malevolent spirits, to mock others, to symbolize one’s social status or position, and for amusement.


Presencia de América Latina

The Presencia de América Latina mural was created by Mexican artist Jorge González Camarena in 1965. His acrylic painting on stucco fills the entrance hall lobby of the Casa de Arte (House of Art) of the Universidad de Concepción in Concepción, Chile.


Maya Spirituality

The paintings of this exhibit depict the daily life, traditions, and struggles of the indigenous Maya communities, and many of them strikingly portray Maya religious and healing traditions. It is these paintings and objects that are included in this exhibit, introducing the rich and complicated spiritual life of the contemporary Maya.


Latin America and the Caribbean

The exhibits open with the dramatic geographical contrasts within this region, explored on a large touchscreen display. The story continues with humans’ first arrivals and the subsequent development of its early complex civilizations. An interactive screen locates and explores some of the area’s exciting archaeological sites.