Otros Saberes

This section promotes collaborative, transformative research and exchange between academics and civil society knowledge producers to further social justice. 

This section welcomes members with commitments to: 1) research practice and dissemination that is collaborative between academy- and civil society-based knowledge producers; 2) knowledge production that is both theoretically generative and substantively oriented to advance action on pressing social problems of our times; 3) knowledge that is social justice oriented, in explicit alignment with those who suffer directly from the enduring inequities of our societies, and in alignment with protagonists of efforts to transform those conditions, and; 4) recognition of multiple knowledge systems, with an interest in putting them in conversation. These overarching themes make for an inclusive field, with ample room for debate and innovation, and for a wide range of topical emphases. 

This section has its origins in knowledge production by, with, and for indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, and aims to extend these debates to other areas of historically excluded knowledge production. The dual objectives of the Section are to defend and advance this field of “Otros Saberes” scholarship within LASA, and in so doing, to permanently transform the LASA Conference program by including civil society-based knowledge producers whose presence will enrich and challenge Conference proceedings.