LASA-Ford Scholarship Results for Indigenous, Afrodescendant and LGBTQIA+ Students

June 2, 2024

Scholarship for students residing in Colombia outside Bogota

The LASA Presidency is pleased to announce the results of the LASA-Ford Scholarship Call for Indigenous, Afro-descendant, and LGBTQIA+ students residing in Colombia outside of Bogotá to participate in LASA2024.

This call has been issued to encourage the participation of Indigenous, Afro-descendant, and LGBTQIA+ students in the LASA2024 Congress, which will be held in Bogotá, Colombia, from June 12-15, 2024. This grant is one of the ways the LASA Presidency aims to ensure that the LASA2024 Congress is an inclusive space for students, activists, and individuals from historically underrepresented sectors in academic spaces. This initiative was made possible with support from the Ford Foundation, secured by the LASA Presidency.

LASA had initially announced that it would award 30 scholarships. However, due to the high level of interest and the quality of applications, and with the support of the Ford Foundation, it was decided to award a total of 40 scholarships. Each scholarship is valued at $500.00 USD to cover transportation, travel, and meals during the Congress. Additionally, LASA will cover the registration fee for each recipient.

Thank you to all 94 applicants who submitted their applications. Among the applicants, 27% are graduate students and 73% are undergraduate students. In recognition of the diversity and high quality of the applications, the LASA Presidency and Selection Committee are pleased to announce that scholarships have been awarded to 16 Indigenous students, 15 students of African descent, and 9 students from the LGBTQIA+ community, four of whom also identify as Indigenous or of African descent. Overall, 43% of the applicants will receive scholarships.

LASA extends its appreciation and congratulations to the scholarship recipients

Adriana Bomba Campo Ana Pinchao Cielo Chindoy
Alice Muñoz Botina Athina Vanessa Guatecique Cristian Rentería Campaña
Diorly Lozano Janneth Liliana Aza Rubiel Lis Velasco
Doraida María Márquez Cassiani Jhonier Perea Mosquera Sharick Jiménez Pino
Dunen Muelas Jona Luna Sofia López Mera
Duvan Caro Jorge Darío Campo Bomba Stiwar Cordoba
Eider Ocampo Buitrago Juan Fernando Pavi Calambas Valentina Zapata-Mendoza
Eisys Alvarado Beleno Katty Valencia Vanessa Duarte
Elfy Olivarez Leydy Yaneth Romero Martínez Vicente Chocue Medina
Guber Oviedo García María Camila Estacio Sinisterra Wilmer Salazar
Gunzareiman Villafaña Mary Bella Meléndez Caraballo Yeicy Lorena Echavarría Rentería
Carmen Alicia Chindoyn Chindoy Nathaly Florez Yofari Palacios Rentería
Ilene Cuesta Nazly Daniela Lozano
Isabel Guerrero Cuaspu Robinson Sánchez Valencia

We also acknowledge and thank the committee that evaluated the applications, chaired by María Eugenia Ulfe (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and co-coordinator of the LASA2024 program). The committee included Gloria Chacón (University of California, San Diego and member of the LASA Executive Board, Mariela Noles (Universidad del Pacífico, Perú), and Jefferson Jaramillo (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana).

We are excited that the LASA2024 Congress will include a multiplicity of voices and perspectives. We hope you share our enthusiasm for this collective process of knowledge production, which seeks to contribute to the creation of more just and inclusive futures for the Americas. See you in Bogota!

Jo-Marie Burt
President of LASA 2023-2024

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