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LASA2023 América Latina y el Caribe: Pensar, Representar y Luchar por los Derechos

East View Information Services

Welcome to East View's virtual LASA booth!

East View offers unique primary source material from Latin America, including census data, atlases, historical newspaper archives, and more.

Since 1989, East View has been providing high-quality information products and services in English and other languages to a wide array of academic, commercial, and government customers throughout the world. We are now rapidly expanding our Latin American offerings, continuing traditions started over three decades ago.

The East View Global Press Archive® is an initiative to present the most comprehensive collection of global newspapers online, in searchable, full-image and full-text format. East View currently offers Prense Libre Digital Archive, and through the CRL Alliance partnership with the Center for Research Libraries, the Revolutionary Mexican Newspapers Open Access Collection, the El Caribe Digital Archive, and El Mundo Digital Archive Open Access Collection. More Latin American newspapers will be added to the Global Press Archive soon.

East View also presents, in the first offering of its kind, the Latin America Census Collection, the inaugural offering of the East View Global Census Archive (GCA). The Latin America Census Collection is an assemblage of authoritative census data from 20 countries across Latin America addressing a wide range of topics. The Latin America Census Collection contains the original census documentation for each country, allowing researchers to see first-hand how the data was gathered. Available for purchase individually by country, or as a group, the Latin America Census Collection is the premier source of demographic data for academic research. 

Whether you seek the latest census data, access to authoritative newspapers, and more from Latin America, East View can procure it. East View is committed to sourcing uncommon information from extraordinary places.