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The University of Nebraska Press, founded in 1941, is the largest university press between Chicago and California. It publishes scholarly and general-interest books (with more than 5,000 titles in print and an additional 150 new titles released each year) and journals (with more than 30 different journals published each year) in topics ranging from anthropology and literary criticism to history and sports. In addition to the Nebraska imprint, the Press also publishes books under Bison Books,  The Backwaters Press, and Potomac Books imprints and publishes the books of The Jewish Publication Society. The Journals division produces the publications of Nebraska Extension, a division of the University of Nebraska’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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Strength from the Waters
A History of Indigenous Mobilization in Northwest Mexico
Authors: James V. Mestaz
Book Webpage: Click here

The Grammar of Civil War
A Mexican Case Study, 1857-61
Authors: Will Fowler
Book Webpage: Click here

Cold War Paradise
Settlement, Culture, and Identity-Making among U.S. Americans in Costa Rica, 1945–1980
Authors: Atalia Shragai
Book Webpage: Click here

Bandits and Liberals, Rebels and Saints
Latin America since Independence
Authors: Alan Knight
Book Webpage: Click here

The Places of Modernity in Early Mexican American Literature, 1848–1948
Authors: José F. Aranda Jr.
Book Webpage: Click here

Poisoned Eden
Cholera Epidemics, State-Building, and the Problem of Public Health in Tucumán, Argentina, 1865-1908
Authors: Carlos S. Dimas
Book Webpage: Click here

A Hemisphere of Women
The Founding and Development of the Inter-American Commission, 1915–1939
Authors: E. Sue Wamsley
Book Webpage: Click here

Amazonian Cosmopolitans
Navigating a Shamanic Cosmos, Shifting Indigenous Policies, and Other Modern Projects
Authors: Suzanne Oakdale
Book Webpage: Click here

On the Other Shore
The Atlantic Worlds of Italians in South America during the Great War
Authors: John Starosta Galante
Book Webpage: Click here

Amazonian Kichwa of the Curaray River
Kinship and History in the Western Amazon
Authors: Mary-Elizabeth Reeve
Book Webpage: Click here

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