LASA2022 Polarización socioambiental y rivalidad entre grandes potencias

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La Güera Rodriguez
The Life and Legends of a Mexican Independence Heroine
Authors: Silvia Marina Arrom
Book Webpage: Click here

Keep the Bones Alive
Missing People and the Search for Life in Brazil
Authors: Graham Denyer Willis
Book Webpage: Click here

After Servitude
Elusive Property and the Ethics of Kinship in Bolivia
Authors: Mareike Winchell
Book Webpage: Click here

A Place at the Nayarit
How a Mexican Restaurant Nourished a Community
Authors: Natalia Molina
Book Webpage: Click here

Forming Abstraction
Art and Institutions in Postwar Brazil
Authors: Adele Nelson
Book Webpage: Click here

A Carceral Ecology
Ushuaia and the History of Landscape and Punishment in Argentina
Authors: Ryan C. Edwards
Book Webpage: Click here

Violated Frames
Armando Bó and Isabel Sarli's Sexploits
Authors: Victoria Ruetalo
Book Webpage: Click here

A Field Guide to White Supremacy
Authors: Kathleen Belew (Editor), Ramon A. Gutierrez (Editor)
Book Webpage: Click here

The Succeeders
How Immigrant Youth Are Transforming What It Means to Belong in America
Authors: Andrea Flores
Book Webpage: Click here

Beyond Patriotic Phobias
Connections, Cooperation, and Solidarity in the Peruvian-Chilean Pacific World
Authors: Joshua Savala
Book Webpage: Click here

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