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Native Peoples, Politics, and Society in Contemporary Paraguay
Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Authors: Edited by Barbara A. Ganson
Language: English
Book Webpage: Click here

Religious Transformation in Maya Guatemala
Cultural Collapse and Christian Pentecostal Revitalization
Authors: Edited by John P. Hawkins
Book Webpage: Click here

Press, Power, and Culture in Imperial Brazil
Authors: Edited by Hendrik Kraay, Celso Thomas Castilho, and Teresa Cribelli
Book Webpage: Click here

Colonial Kinship
Guaraní, Spaniards, and Africans in Paraguay
Authors: Shawn Michael Austin
Book Webpage: Click here

The Conquest of the Desert
Argentina’s Indigenous Peoples and the Battle for History
Authors: Edited by Carolyne R. Larson
Book Webpage: Click here

The Journal of James A. Brush
The Expedition and Military Operations of General Don Francisco Xavier Mina in Mexico, 1816–1817
Authors: Edited by Karen Racine and Graham Lloyd
Book Webpage: Click here

An Imperative to Cure
Principles and Practice of Q’eqchi’ Maya Medicine in Belize
Authors: James B. Waldram
Book Webpage: Click here

From the Galleons to the Highlands
Slave Trade Routes in the Spanish Americas
Authors: Edited by Alex Borucki, David Eltis, and David Wheat
Book Webpage: Click here

Prizefighting and Civilization
A Cultural History of Boxing, Race, and Masculinity in Mexico and Cuba, 1840-1940
Authors: David C. LaFevor
Book Webpage: Click here

Ladina Social Activism in Guatemala City, 1871-1954
Authors: Patricia Harms
Book Webpage: Click here

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