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 Etta Projects

Bring education and research into Bolivia, the heart of Latin America. By engaging with on-going development projects, sharing lived experiences with rural communities, and experiencing the rich atmosphere of political involvement, students and researchers can experience Latin American studies come to life. 

The Community Transformation Center (CTC) is a 96-acre base for research projects, team learning, and work-study nestled between the Amboró National Park to the west and the lowland City of Santa Cruz to the East. The CTC is uniquely located for research of the vibrant ecosystem and cultures of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. 

Various universities and organizations have already worked at or from the CTC. These include

  • University of Minnesota - Humphrey School of Public Affairs (Girls Empowerment, Environmental Conversation)
  • Elon University (Community Development, Spanish, Socio-Economic Political History)
  • Dayton University (Civil Engineering)
  • Michigan Technical University (Civil Engineering)
  • Johns Hopkins University (Chagas Disease)
  • Bridge of Life (Chronic Kidney Disease)

Etta Projects, a small nonprofit based in the U.S., operates the CTC as a hub for training Bolivian and International communities in the following topics:

  • Gender Equality/Womens & Girls Empowerment
  • Indigenous Rights/Land Rights
  • Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture
  • STD/HIV Prevention
  • Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine
  • Environmental Health 
  • Health, Water & Sanitation

The CTC includes comfortable cabins, indoor and outdoor classrooms, and interpretive nature paths through the tropical forest. Onsite home-cooked food service is provided. The site is located near the Amboró National Park, one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. 

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