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Organized & immediate access  to highly relevant resources on American Indigenous contents, with special plans for institutions. 

What you will find

-Publication and video resources on American Indigenous People, authors from various nationalities 

-Works by authors from indigenous background on various subjects (poetry, music, ficction & non-fiction)

-Worldwide availability 

-Authentication via special EZproxy / HAN  for institutions

-30 days trial for institutions


To receive detailed information on institutional or individual plans, the catalog, start the trial or propose any editorial project, contact and schedule a meeting with our editor and director Rocío Barros who will be happy to meet. 

Latin American Studies Association attenders receive 30% off on subscribing to a institutional or individual plan. 

Pehuén Editores
Complete catalog of Pehuén Editores, including his successful collection "Contemporary Mapuche Thought"
Authors: various authors
Language: Spanish, Mapudungun, Aymara, Rapa Nui
Book Webpage: Click here

68 voces - Sesenta y ocho corazones
series of animated indigenous stories told in their native language
Authors: Gabriela Badillo
Language: 11 natives lenguages of Mexico
Book Webpage: Click here

Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Selection of titles on topics such as: politics, identity, history, armed conflict, environment, among others of the First Nations of Colombia
Authors: Various authors
Language: Spanish, English
Book Webpage: Click here

IEP. Instituto de Estudios Peruanos
Selection of titles on topics such: environment, politics, indigenous political organization, Peruvian Amazon, among others of the First Nations of Peru
Authors: Various Authors
Language: Spanish
Book Webpage: Click here

Ediciones Uniandes
selection of titles on topics such as: archeology, comic, dictionaries, black communities of the Caribbean, politics, history, among others, of the main First Nations of Colombia
Authors: Various Authors
Language: Spanish, Ette, Achagua
Book Webpage: Click here

Catrileo + Carrión
It is a creation-research collective of “two Mapuche spirits”, who work and question the gender identity and how it has been colonized from the heteronormed western practices and the current invisibility to their non-binary identities.
Authors: Comunidad Catrileo + Carrión
Language: Spanish, Mapudungun
Book Webpage: Click here

non-profit organization dedicated to the production of films in defense of the rights of native peoples and the conservation of the environment in the Andes and the Peruvian Amazon.
Authors: Álvaro & Diego Sarmiento
Language: Spanish, Quechua
Book Webpage: Click here

Aica y Entrelazando
High quality audiovisual production companies, focused on the registration of the Nasa people in the Cauca area in Nariño, Colombia.
Authors: Mateo Leguizamon & Ariel Arango
Language: Spanish, Nasa
Book Webpage: Click here

Archaeological collection
Books on textiles, art, metallurgy, heritage, politics and the state.
Authors: various authors
Language: Spanish
Book Webpage: Click here

Children's and youth collection
From Chile to Mexico, books and videos for bilingual children, from dictionaries, interactive stories, to stop motion animated series.
Authors: Various Authors
Language: Spanish, Nasa, Maudungun, Guaraní, Tsotsil, Matlatzinca & others
Book Webpage: Click here

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