LASA2023 registration is open for attendees. The deadline for participants to register was March 10, 2023.

Subscription Categories

Individual Membership

All Access Model Categories 

The All Access model allows LASA members to receive all the benefits of the affiliation such as access to grants and fellowships, access to the online LASA Member Directory and the opportunity to participate in the governance of the Association among many others, plus registration to the annual international Congress. 


Academics and researchers with an institutional affiliation. This category is divided into three subcategories based on annual income.

Retired, Independent or Non-Affiliated, Contingent or Adjunct

This category includes retired academics from a university or research institution, academics and researchers with no institutional affiliation or independent, as well as contingent or adjunct intellectuals.  


Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled full-time in an academic program of an accredited institution of learning. Student members can benefit from this category for up to 7 years.


Members that pledge support to LASA and receive lifetime membership.

Individual Non-Membership

Non-All Access Category

The category below is not included in the All Access model and, therefore, does not provide the wide range of LASA membership benefits such as access to grants and fellowships, access to the online LASA Member Directory, participation in the governance of the Association and registration to the annual Congress among many others. 

Friends of LASA

This category is a free non-member account that allows you to become a member of a LASA Section and increase the global exchange of knowledge and communication with experts on specific areas of Latin American Studies. The LASA Section fee (with some exceptions) is $12.00. 

Institutional Membership 

Center, Departments, and Institutes for Latin American Studies
Libraries and Archives
Research Institutions, NGOs, Associations