Executive Council Candidates / Write-In Period

The Executive Council (EC) approved the slate presented by the Nominations Committee for next year’s EC members. You may include any additional write-in names that are not included on the slate below, before the final ballot is presented to the membership for a vote.

To be included as a write-in candidate, the individual must be a member in good standing and must meet the conditions of the Constitution and By-laws and meet the required level of the LASA Service Path. Please include the curriculum vitae of each candidate and determine beforehand that they are willing to have their names included on the ballot.

Signatures of a minimum of 4 % of the membership in good standing will be required for each write-in. The membership for the 2019 calendar year as of November 1 is 13,959, which means that 558 signatures are required for each candidate. Please assemble all signatures on a PDF file and send them with the information about your write-in candidate to lasa@lasaweb.org.

You have six weeks to respond to this request, or until midnight EDT of December 17, 2019. The final ballot will then be assembled and presented to the membership for a vote. It will also indicate which candidates were on the approved slate and which are write-ins.

Slate approved by the Executive Council

Vice President / President-Elect:

  • John French, History; Duke University (United States)
  • Gerardo Otero, Sociology; Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Executive Members:

  • Leonardo Avritzer, Political Science; Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) (Brazil)
  • Dara Goldman, Literature; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (United States)
  • Antonio Sérgio Guimarães, Sociology; University of São Paulo (Brazil)
  • Cristián Opazo, Literature; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile)
  • Kenneth Roberts, Political Science; Cornell University (United States)
  • Veronica Schild, Political Science; University of Western Ontario (Canada)

Student Representative:

  • Wilfredo Burgos-Matos, Cultural Studies; The University of Texas at Austin (United States)
  • Joseph Torres González, Anthropology and Archaeology; The Graduate Center - City University of New York (CUNY) (United States)