Rachell Sánchez

Rachell Sánchez

Sociology; University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


I am honored to be a candidate for the Executive Council (EC) member position. I have been a member of LASA since my times as a graduate student at Columbia University in the City of New York. During my time I have collaborated with many LASA sections in different roles, from a sponsored presenter to Co-Chair.

I believe that the Latin American Studies Association holds great value for networking but also to make an impact inside and outside of the academy. As Co-chair of LASA-Puerto Rico we hosted different events for diverse groups of people as a way of encouraging diversity and inclusion tailored for people inside and outside of academia. All throughout my career I have been aware of the importance of engaging with artists, scholars, activists, among others. This is why I have created a podcast to bring together different individuals from diverse backgrounds to talk about their experience with the quest of fighting for reproductive justice in different countries/contexts of Latin America. Similarly, in the edited volume about queer (cuír) subjectivities we are also bringing together people from different backgrounds to achieve a better understanding of identity through an intersectional lens. This is something that, as an EC member, I would bring to the association.

As an early-career academic from Puerto Rico I understand that certain groups find it difficult to attend international conferences. I believe that graduate students, Latin American scholars, and non-tenured faculty play an important role in the composition of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA). As an EC member I would ensure that these voices are heard and acknowledged, especially now, in the midst of a global pandemic which exacerbates pre-existing social inequalities.

LASA is a fantastic space for people to congregate in a nurturing and thought-provoking environment. This space also brings opportunities for individuals to engage in the most cutting-edge research regarding Latin American and Latinx studies. My purpose as a queer/non-binary scholar is to continue to be a part of this amazing association and continue contributing to it in any way I can.