LASA2022 Polarización socioambiental y rivalidad entre grandes potencias

Videoconferencing System

All the LASA2022 sessions will happen in the videoconferencing system Zoom. LASA hosts will launch the Zoom sessions using their own laptop, bridging the on-site participants and attendees at the meeting room in San Francisco, California, and remote participants and attendees.
Regardless of your mode of participation, on-site or virtual, all active participants and attendees must connect to the Zoom session. In this way, presenters and people in the audience on-site will be able to see, listen, and interact with other presenters and attendees who are connected remotely, and vice versa. Everyone will be present in the virtual room simultaneously.

We recommend that you download the latest version of the Zoom platform in advance of your presentation and use the Zoom desktop client to participate. If you prefer to use the web version, however, please use the browser Google Chrome as it functions best with Zoom. For detailed instructions on how to use the videoconferencing platform Zoom click here.

Please note that if everyone brings and uses their own device, this practice will tremendously enhance the possibility that all participants in LASA2022 can enjoy an equitable and inclusionary congress experience, at least with regard to its intellectual content.